Sunday, 28 February 2010

Feeling Poorly!

No cards to add yet folks but I hope to remedy that ASAP. I'm a bit off colour and have an ear ache so haven't really had a constructive crafty weekend although I have a list as long as my arm!!!!!
I went to Lincoln on Saturday in search of the bargain papers at The Works and they haven't got any as well as Nottingham, it's turning into a wild goose chase (just like the pounland flowers) and so I am giving up before I become obsessed again!!!
I did try to start my marathan craft room tidy today but gave up after half an hour, my mojo has taken a hike!!!! I managed to cover two baked bean tins in pretty paper though so thats a start! (I am being brave and putting a pic of my CR on in its untidy state so that I can keep you updated as I transform it into a crafty Haven!!!)

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