Sunday, 28 February 2010

Feeling Poorly!

No cards to add yet folks but I hope to remedy that ASAP. I'm a bit off colour and have an ear ache so haven't really had a constructive crafty weekend although I have a list as long as my arm!!!!!
I went to Lincoln on Saturday in search of the bargain papers at The Works and they haven't got any as well as Nottingham, it's turning into a wild goose chase (just like the pounland flowers) and so I am giving up before I become obsessed again!!!
I did try to start my marathan craft room tidy today but gave up after half an hour, my mojo has taken a hike!!!! I managed to cover two baked bean tins in pretty paper though so thats a start! (I am being brave and putting a pic of my CR on in its untidy state so that I can keep you updated as I transform it into a crafty Haven!!!)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

DigiStamp Boutique: * Spring Candy * be quick!

DigiStamp Boutique: * Spring Candy * be quick!

First Post

I thought I'd better stop playing around with the layout and trying to phathom this blogging thingy and write a few words!

I'm a little unhappy today as I have a huge coldsore growing on my lip!!!!! It looks gross and hurts like hell and feels gigantic so there's nothing for it than to stay in my craftroom until it heals (great excuse).

I have just heard from a member on DCs that 'THE WORKS' are selling Crafters Companion envelope paper pack for £1.99 ( RRP: £19.99) that has to be BARGAIN OF THE DAY. I've got Rebecca on the case for tomorrow as I love love this paper, its great for embossing.

Well, thats me for tonight, me and my friend are off to bed (not a tall dark handsome man but just my ugly, painful coldsore!!!!!!).